Aumentar  Mecanarte - Metalúrgica da Lagoa, Lda. was founded in 1969, by detecting and exploiting a gap in the nactional market - the absence of manufacturers of WHEELS and CASTORS.

Initially established in rented installations Mecanarte - Metalúrgica da Lagoa Lda moved to its own building at the end of the third year.
This building had a covered are of 300m2.

To answer to the demands of the national and international markets, Mecanarte has been growing steadily and securely for tyhe last 30 years.

empresa At the moment, the covered area is about 8.000m2 and installed a total area of 20.000 m2, wich offers possibilities of expansion.

In order to keep its commitment to quality, Mecanarte created Mebol - Metalúrgia e Borracha, Lda. in 1987.
This company allowed to improve Mecanarte products.

There were some components used in production, like rubber and rims, that the market did not supply with the required quality.

Mebol was created to produce these components.