» Wheels
We are manufacturers of wheels in various type of material (polyamide, polyurethane-coated, pneumatic). Manufacture for individual sale or applied (Castors).

» Castors
We are manufacturers of castors of various models and types for different purposes. Castors for different loads. We manufacture also in Stainless Steel.

» Rims
We are manufacturers of metal rims, subcontracting Mebol for agricultural trailers, and other industrial purposes. High resistance rims for heavy loads.

» Trailers Components
Components of caravanism, such as ball attachments and suspensions. Hubs with and without brake for trailers. Transport Rollers and bearings for rolls.

» Convoyeur Rollers
Cilindrical gravity convoyer rollers.

» Ball Bearings
We are manufactures of Ball bearings ( precision and semi-precision ).